Where are we now (April 2019)

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Where are we now (April 2019)

Post by Jeffrey » Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:55 pm

Hi all,

Here we are again with another update from Cavemen Studios and our first project 'Neuronica'

For those of you who have downloaded the game and provided feedback a big thank you is in order. We have not managed to implement all idea's and improvements offered however we have looked at all feedback and see what could be applicable in our vision of the game whilst maintaining our audience view. It is a hard thing to balance:-)

For now build 21 has a small campaign, a demo mission, a showcase of future weapons (though not active yet). And it is fun!

All in all we are pleased with the progress of the game so far and are building up a interest for our game. With build 22 upcoming and another stream we will be doing with some more updates we are getting closer and closer to a tentative 'Early Access' release date.

When this is set in stone I will update you accordingly.

Kind regards,

Wrench Crowbar:-)

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