Where are we now (September 2018)

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Where are we now (September 2018)

Post by Jeffrey » Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:44 am

Hello everyone,

First of all, let me start with a heartfelt apology for not updating you throughout the last 6 months.

There were several issue's due to severe time constraints, the scale of the game and some gross overrating of our own skills in terms of finishing the game within the given deadline.

I will highlight each of these parts for you a little more:

The time constraints came due to the fact that despite being a Indie game developer we all still have our day jobs. We are not able to go into full time Game Development and the associated investments until we have released a game with at least some moderate success.

The scale of the game was a bit more then we could chew and we overestimated our skills and underestimated the scale of the project. As gamer's ourselves we wanted to bring out something that would be playable and not stuck a couple of years in Early Access. We realized in April 2018 that we would not be able to bring our first game (Kaluga) out without doing the aforementioned and compromising on the quality.

So what do we have now? Well...


Unfortunately, it is not our FPS Kaluga where we had our Streams about. We have this project on hold for now.

Although space related, the game we have created now is a tad different. It still shows the potential of the team as we wanted to showcase but it is also an (almost) finished product.

We are currently in an Alpha testing stage and we are hoping to get the game on STEAM before year's end.

Before we do this we still need the Beta testers and all applicable and valuable feedback we can receive to improve our game.

So yes, we did not finish our FPS/Space Adventure (yet!) but we do have a game almost ready to bring out.

Kind regards,

Wrench Crowbar & the Cavemen Team.

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